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Respecting law

This website fully respects the GDPR regulation in the EU. This privacy policy is subject to the laws in the United Kingdom. Our web server is located in the EU (Germany) and the mail server is also located in the EU (Germany).

Private Data

This website does not collect your personal data. The question of storing, transferring, selling, sharing, correcting or deleting your data therefore does not arise.

Analytical data

This website may collect analytical data on visitors; which is purely used to identify popular pages and make further improvements to the website contents and design.


This website is delivered via Cloudflare, a content deliver network. Cloudflare provides such service to many other websites. Essential for the functioning of these websites; Cloudflare need to know which website a visitor intends to visit. Cloudflare therefore place one cookie. That cookie does not contain any personal data. Should you wish you can delete the cookie by deleting your browser history.


If you decide to contact me by email; your email address will appear on my mailserver and will be stored there. Of course, you can choose not to send an email. Alternatively, if you want me to delete all of your emails; please contact me and I will remove your emails permanently over the next weekend.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (version 1) is effective from 1 January 2018. Any changes to the policy will be recorded at

Privacy Recommendation

I believe privacy on the internet is a fundamental right of every user. It is a collective responsibility of website owners, service providers and website users to uphold the trust on the internet. I would recommend you to use privacy oriented browsers and add-ons such as to improve your internet experience.

Reporting and Complaints

If you are have any concerns or problems with the privacy features of this website; please contact me by email at privacy (AT) santoshpandit (DOT) com.

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