Hack me contest of SantoshPandit.com

Why are you here?

It seems you or your web spider has visited this page either to hack me or purely out of curiosity or coincidence. Whatever is your intention, feel welcome.

The contest

You will get our kudos and a reward if you can provide proof of a successful hack into our website. You also need to show how the vulnerability was exploited and can be remedied or patched.


We are on a shared server; please do not use DDOS or DRDOS. Also please do not use high speed or intensive scans. Those are techniques used by novices. Instead of finding a vulnerability; you are likely to irritate our host and your IP address will get banned by our firewalls.

Good luck!

Note - Permission is hereby granted to Fiverr sellers to perform vulnerability analysis and penetration testing. Please inform your IP address if you want me to whitelist the same.