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My vision

My vision

I continue to keenly enjoy after three decades in financial services. Here is my vision for the future.

The technologically savvy global market will create a new form of a connected democracy. It will run in parallel with the political democracy; a democracy where collective values and beliefs will be converted into free enterprise. It will make a difference to the real economy and society.

People will actively engage in ambition, improvement and creation. Modest people will be willing to take modest risk. Individual stakes will be small. But the global risk bearing capacity will increase at a rapid rate. It will reduce the cost of investment in new services.

With this new competition, the customer loyalty to legacy brands will diminish even further. There will be new forms of loyalty; new engagement between the trusting and trusted. Entrepreneurs will need to prove the sustainable difference they make. They had better be committed to their values.

Initially there will be a technical and pricing war. Reasonably priced newer financial services will disrupt and outperform well known, existing businesses. In the long run, the open and agile business models in both will generate superior returns on investment.

The new decentralised model will need central regulation that is strict. However, people’s demand for fair, clear and accountable behaviour will be far stricter.

I may not be alive for the next three decades. From wherever I will be, I would love to see a world where financial services get even more democratic, innovative, sustainable and ethical.

Santosh(London, 2 April 2018)

Why my website

YAW? Not at all!

Yet another website? Nope, far from it.

I created this website as a playground. It is an effective way to learn and practice cybersecurity, a subject I am passionate about. I enjoy trying to hack my own website. Well, it is better than getting hacked, right?

And there is another reason. I also hope my website will inspire my children and the younger generation to create their own web presence. Gone are the days when people asked for your CV or look up your name in the telephone directory. You will probably be searched on the internet to establish your existence. Think about it.

Stay in touch …. and let me know if you need help with your own website!

Santosh(London, 20 March 2018)